Annoucing Westone and Calling Grace Endorsement Partnership

Hey everyone!

We are super excited to announce we’ve accepted an endorsement partnership from Westone audio! This is super exciting for us for many reasons. The main one being that Westone simply makes the best in ear monitors in the market. You don’t even have to believe us. You can go to any audiologist and ask them what lab they use for all their stuff.. I’m willing to bet it’s Westone.

We are looking forward to growing and developing our relationship with Westone now and into the future.

Here is what our drummer Jake has to say about using his Westone in ear monitors at every show…

“Using custom in ear monitors while playing has really changed the game for me. I described it like playing drums along with my favorite cd.. except I’m playing exactly the same thing the drummer is. The clarity I get is out of this world, and allows me to really focus on my playing instead of struggling to try and hear a wedge on stage. I can never go back.”

We just want to thank Westone in believing in us and our music to take us on to be included in their already fantastic roster of artists.


Keep a look out for more great announcements coming soon from Calling Grace!