So… it’s been awhile

Hey everyone!

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve posted to our website so I’m going to go ahead and update and let you know whats going on. Currently, I’m sitting in our van on our way to our show in Algona Iowa at Lifers. We’re playing with our good friends in City of the Weak, as well as Sleep Signals.

So what’s new with us?

Well… The biggest thing is the Hard Rock Band 6k: Battle of the bands. We competed and took it all the way to the finals. Unfortunately the judges felt our competition bested us and we took 1st runner up.

Big congrats to the guys in Artificial Stars who did win the whole shabang.. Great band and great guys!

They walked away with 6 grand and 3 opening slots for shows at Hard Rock….

Incase anyone is wondering.. we got a lovely, “Thanks for playing” consolation prize.

We also played a really rad show up in Sioux Falls opening for 3 Pill Morning. If you haven’t heard those guys, do yourself a favor and check them out! They are pretty incredible. I’ll throw one of their songs here so you can check them out!

We’ve been hard at work writing our next EP. I think we’ve settled on a name for it… but I’m not letting that cat out of the bag just yet. We feel its a little harder rock than our last one… but don’t worry.. It’s just as catchy! We’re planning on going into the studio soon to record that and get it ready to go…and hopefully have ourselves a nice cd release party towards the end of the year… More to come on that!

Tomorrow we play Awesome Biker Nights as direct support for Grand Funk Railroad on the main stage… We’re hoping its going to be a good crowd, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think the heat was going to suck… I mean… Just imagine… My eyeliner is gonna sweat right off…. jk…. kinda.

Everyone has been so great to us and supporting us on this path. From coming to shows, to buying our merch to just spreading the word…  Even jumping on Spotify or Apple Music and streaming our songs really helps us out and we thank you for it!

After this weekend, I’ll be putting up all the new merch items on the website so for those of you who can’t make it to a show…. Try harder…. Just kidding..  You’ll be able to jump on our store and pick yourself up a nice baseball tee or a women’s tank top next week!

I’ll try and actually post more to this quicker than once a year.. I’ll get better with it.ii I promise!!!

Until Next Time!

Jake XX