Update from inside the studio!!

Hello everyone! I’m coming at you from the couch inside Cathouse Studios in Sioux Falls, SD on day three of recording our next CD. At this point, we’ve got everything tracked, and we’re now just going through, fine tuning, mixing and then mastering it. 

It’s a really exciting time for us! This new cd really showcases how far we’ve come in the year since releasing Heres to the End. 

We have our CD Release party on November 9th with so many good friends sharing the stage with us, including our dear friends in Scarlet Canary for the last time ever..  They are calling it quits, and it’s gonna be a sad sad day indeed when that’s over with. 

November 10th will be the official release day for the Album to the world. It’ll be available everywhere digital music is streamed and sold. 

We can’t wait to share this next CD with everyone, and we hope you love it as much as we do. What’s exciting is the songs no one has heard. We’ve been playing a few of the songs from the cd at shows over the last few months, but there are a few that no one has ever heard, because we’ve never played them in front of people. 

Truth be told, even the songs that people have heard, we’ve really went and dived in deep to make them so much better than they were before. This album has a lot of surprises in it, and we couldn’t thank Mike from Cathouse enough for producing it with us. That dude is a genius, and we owe him a lot…  like even more than just what he’s charging us.. 

That’s all I got for now.. 

chicken nuggets









I’m going to eat these delicious chicken nuggets and get back to work with everyone finishing up this album.. 


See everyone on November 9th at the Marquee.  (buy tickets)


~Jake XX ~